Levels showing as unfinished

on this page…

http://codecombat.com/user/[user here]

It’s showing a bunch of multiplayer levels as unfinished. i’ve clicked them and finished them again but it simply moves it to the top of the list, still showing unfinished.

Which multiplayer levels are in the list? Have you submitted them to the ladder for ranking?

Yes i’ve submitted them all. multiple times.

Munchkin Harvest (humans) 20 hours ago Unfinished
Arcane Ally (humans) 20 hours ago Unfinished
Winding Trail (humans) 20 hours ago Unfinished
Kounter Kithwise (humans) 20 hours ago Unfinished
undefined (humans) a day ago Unfinished (This is clearly a bug. ha)
Gems in the Deep (humans) 18 days ago Unfinished
Rich Forager (humans) 18 days ago Unfinished

I see the problem with why those are showing up in the multiplayer levels list. Have you possibly opened those in the level editor by any chance?

No sir, i haven’t done any level editing. I opened the interface up once i think, so at most i would have opened up a single level (not sure which one it was)