Library Tactician Need Help Kithgard Dungeons

def summonSoldier():
if > hero.costOf(“soldier”):

Soldiers spread out in a circle and defend.

def commandSoldier(soldier, soldierIndex, numSoldiers):
angle = Math.PI * 2 * soldierIndex / numSoldiers
defendPos = {“x”: 41, “y”: 40}
defendPos.x += 10 * Math.cos(angle)
defendPos.y += 10 * Math.sin(angle)
if ( > 60):
hero.command(soldier, “defend”, defendPos)
hero.command(soldier, “defend”, {‘x’: 42, ‘y’: 40})

Find the strongest target (most health)

This function returns something! When you call the function, you will get some value back.

def findStrongestTarget():
strongest = None
strongestHealth = 0
enemyIndex = 0
enemies = hero.findEnemies()
while enemyIndex < len(enemies):
enemy = enemies[enemyIndex]
if > strongestHealth:
strongest = enemy
strongestHealth =
enemy.Index += 1
return strongest

If the strongestTarget has more than 15 health, attack that target. Otherwise, attack the nearest target.

def commandArcher(archer):
nearest = archer.findNearestEnemy()
if archerTarget:
hero.command(archer, “attack”, archerTarget)
elif nearest:
hero.command(archer, “attack”, nearest)

archerTarget = None

while True:
# If archerTarget is defeated or doesn’t exist, find a new one.
if not archerTarget or <= 0:
# Set archerTarget to be the target that is returned by findStrongestTarget()
archerTarget = findStrongestTarget()
friends = hero.findFriends()
soldiers = hero.findByType(“soldier”)
# Create a variable containing your archers.
archers = hero.findByType(“archer”)
for i, soldier in enumerate(soldiers):
commandSoldier(soldier, i, len(soldiers));
# use commandArcher() to command your archers
for i, archer in enumerate(archers):

Help me

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I’m not disagreeing with you, but I think it’s his name: Luke (L) Patterson not his teacher, and he already gives his age. Although personally I think it’s best not to say that either.
Maybe you crop images because you have something to hide…
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Ok. Let’s get this sorted.

Let’s try not to assume things here. I do agree with the cropping, but assuming the name and role may lead to confusion and people may be hurt.

Luke, let’s quiet down. He may not have realized that his assumption was wrong when he posted it, but that’s no reason to criticize and shout at people. Calling people 6 year olds, this is not a roasting playground. Please don’t try to shout and hurt each other like this and flag it so a moderator can handle this.

@Chaboi_3000 sorry but I gotta reply to this one.

@Luke10 cropping doesn’t mean u have something to hide. It just means you don’t share your personal information with strangers on the internet. For example, would you want others to know how old are you, where you live, what websites you visit, etc.?

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He only tried to give you some tips about personal security. I agree it was a bit irrelevant to this discussion, but it’s not something to get too heated up against.

He might have assumed that you were a 14 year old 8th grader. You could’ve have said something more passive like this:

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instead of criticizing people like the following:

How is @SuperSmacker’s post disrespecting your parents? It’s just an assumption that your english teacher’s name is Mr/Ms. Patterson. It might have been a bit hurtful, but the positive feedback isn’t directed towards this:

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Are you assuming that flags are preventing him from reaching regular? The truth is, it didn’t. Jeff Atwood(codinghorror) didn’t want the trust level system to be something to put yourself in a higher position than others, but so more active users can contribute more to the safety of the forum. Please don’t use the trust level system to get a higher status and advantage than others. The forum is not some military base, but supposed to be a friendly and open board.

@Luke10, be more open towards people, they might not think or act the same as you. They have different thinking, and they might not understand some things like you do. This is also a great life lesson for the future. Your buddy might not think the same as you, but if you can adapt to that and help them out, you’ll have a strong connection with them, but if you criticize every person you think are “rude”, you will lose the chance of a possibly important connection for your life. Humans are unique, we all think differently, we just have to get used to the differences.

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Hello [User]! Can you please elaborate on the problem you’re experiencing? Maybe a screenshot and a more clear description can certainly help us solve the problem you’re experiencing.

Do you see the difference between the first and the second post? The second one is much more constructive and respectful the first one, which is abrupt and rude. Be sure to read over your post and change it before someone can possibly be hurt.

For your post, here’s how to change it:

You should crop images. I mean, now I know u have Mr./Ms. Patterson for English teacher and you’re in 8th grade :stuck_out_tongue:


@Luke10, I think you should crop images because [reason].

It’s shorter and doesn’t have assumptions(They can hurt feelings). This is an example of a more helpful and relevant post. You still had the details you needed, but the post quality and “helpfulness”, is much better than the original post.

Read my guide I created in meta for hints to be a more collaborative and helpful user in the board.

Please, just take these discussions in PM’s and notify a moderator there in the future. It makes threads clean without confusion.