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Limited gear questions

We have the master sword (Not even sure it exists anymore XD) and the wyvern claw that are limited to levels am I really missing out on something and will they be obtainable again?


No, I don’t think so. They are limited like Tauran Armour. So you could get it only 5 years ago or something like this.

But it’s real.

But are they broken? Are either of them gamechanging?


No, they are not broken. They are strong. They were time-limited for one week and if you had subscription you could complete Apocalypse level and get Master Sword. To get Wyvern you could complete Robot Ragnorok. (or something like that)

Did they have any custom abilitys?

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Master Sword has cleave() ability, but it’s much stronger than Long Sword cleave. It’s more than 100 damage.
Wyvern can summon fangriders.

Wow, that sounds ridiculously good

Yeah… If you completed Robot Ragnorok (I still don’t remember the name, but it was something like that) you can see one person in the ladder with it. He was with Pender, I think.

By the way, why did you name topic “What really is the best warrior gear?”

I was meant to continue XD

But did not get round to it, let me rename it.

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@QinWentian, Wyvernclaw and Master Sword are both terrible in most situations. Their base stats are really bad compared to top-tier gear and the abilities aren’t enough to outclass top-tier gear, so personally I wouldn’t use them. The latest limited time gear challenge was for the Tauran Armor, which ended today.

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