Subcriber only items for levels

Hey guys,
I just found out that when I was not a member of Codecombat, there was a subscriber only item for completing 2 levels. Can that start up again?

What do you mean? If you weren’t a subscriber when you got those items, if you became a subscriber now, i think u can still use them (I’m not a subscriber and i can use pets :wink: )

I was not there and I did not get it.

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I honestly cannot understand what you’re talking about. Maybe if you included some specific information it might help others understand and you might receive better responses to your question.

i think he is talking about the levels that gives unique items like the master sword

Exactly, @kyay10. @MunkeyShynes, I mean items like the Master Sword, Wyvernclaw, and other items like that.

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Those were offered for limited time only. There is no possible way to get them now, since the offers have already expired. Just wait for the next overpowered weapon they offer.

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