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Locking a thread and deleting a post


Hey everyone I had two questions. How do you Lock a thread? And also, how do you delete a post? I think you delete a by flagging it but I’m not sure. But I’m not sure about Locking a thread. I noticed that when you flag someone it gives you an option to send that person a private message or share with the community. What would be the best option is flagging the post deletes it.


Interesting questions! Good to see you are interested in the forum. :slightly_smiling:

As for your questions:

Closing threads

Only admins and moderators can close (“lock”) threads.

This action prevents all users from posting new replies to the given thread, and should only be taken in severe cases such as rule-breaking or off-topic topics.

Deleting posts

As for deleting posts, normal users are usually able to delete their own posts by clicking the “…” icon below their messages and clicking in the trash icon that appears consequently.

The exception is when your post is the first one in the thread—deleting it would leave the thread without purpose and the replies without context, so I believe normal users are not able to delete the first post in a thread even if they authored it themselves.


Flagging can be used to bring posts, threads and users into moderators’ attention. Moderators are able to edit and delete any post, delete entire threads and close threads, among other “super-powers”.

Don’t be afraid to flag if you find anything that breaks our rules or is otherwise inappropriate—posts that receive enough flags from the community may be automatically hidden from the public view by the system, even before a moderator gets a chance to review it! This allows the community to moderate itself more effectively. It also allows moderators to properly analyze the case and take definitive actions, as well as to settle the more severe cases that the community cannot solve by itself.

I hope this helps! :wink:


I does. But I think I didn’t explain my question about deleting posts. I ment if the post was posted by someone else and I wanted to delete it. And could I become a moderator or an admin?


You must be a moderator/admin to access othef people’s posts. There’s too much potential for mischief otherwise. Nick usually must promote you if you want to be moderator.


Oh, ok thanks a lot.