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Loop Da Loop Review


This level is obviously an introduction to loops and the level does it somewhat well but it can be improved. I recommend not adding the comments and just give an example comment at the beginning for the instructions on how to build a loop like this:

//To build a loop use the loop command (or whatever language your loop command is add it here) and index the lines of code under the loop that you want in your loop //Here is an example loop

(Add example loop here because I don’t know how to copy a loop in with the indented lines.)

Adding a example like this will increase how the coder is learning because the comments are basically giving the coder the solution to the problem (even though its a beginner level)


I found no need for while-loops or even checking for gems. Passing can be done easily by moving right, left, up, and down (though not with my speed ring). Either the level should be made harder or the instructions should be changed.

Also, I’m not sure why there is both an overview and an intro in the level guide. It seems kind of redundant.