LUA and Minecraft

MY students and I have been using CodeCombat using LUA and then taking what we have learned in the Minecraft Mod, ComputerCraft. This mod is include in Tekkit. The computers and Turtles(robots) use LUA to do a variety of useful tasks that raise the game to a higher level of thinking and skill. Is anyone else doing this? Would the forum be interested in more info regarding this? Gary Mack

I rather did it the other way because I learned about ComputerCraft earlier. I even programmed the entry-system for a server. You had to read texts and push buttons (the right ones of course) to get accepted on the server. Was quite fun, but finally was replaced due to MC-Limitations. Some commands were not working as expected, and the admins lost interest, but oh well, that’s past.

ComputerCraft = CC, OpenComputer = OC

I can imagine quite good to use skills learned in CodeCombat to be applied in CC. How far are you in CodeCombat? As soon as you get the boss-star, you have to manage your own army, and from there I guess it’s only a small step to your own Turtle Army of Doom (or TAD).
Be sure to check out OC, basically the OpenSource-competitor, in my opinion it is even better than CC. The biggest downside is that it is really hard to assemble proper robots in OC, but they are much better customizable than Turtles and persistent (like all computers in OC).

To teach a bit about computers as well, OC is definitely the better alternative, CC is usually a bit easier to set up. Downside: Turtles can only carry two tools. Plusside: That’s usually enough :wink:

If possible I would love to jump on your server once to see what you did with CC and share my own ideas. Just sent me a PM if you’re interested.

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