"Magma Mountain" Bugs and Feedback

i also found this it is infact lava lake clashes file in the level editor bwa ha ha

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it’s not a secret and I know about it. There are ways to develop it in secret if I really need :slight_smile:
Just trying to make some intrigue :wink:

i know i am just trying to be dramatic


sugestion: add a stop ability it would alow you to stop moving for up to 5 seconds and has a 10 second cool down (the cooldown starts after the stop ability has ended and you can continue moving any time)

example of how it would be used (this is rough code so it may not be quite how it actually is used)

if lavaAat (x.y) and lava.life < 5 and hero.isReady(stop):
    lava = hero.get lava.life

you set the max duration so you could set it 1-5 but you can just use a move comand and the snail will contionue moving so like if a fire ball is coming

not related but when does magma mountain end

it ends december 31st and if what you mean is when does the new areana come out it comes out december 1st

You mean it ends november thirty first right?

no december 31st just as all the other areanas have

bryukh when is the beta test for lava lack clash coming? also can you give us a hint of what next seasons areana will look like or at least a name?

oh the new one comes out before the old one ends.

another idea i had was to make to red orbs increase your speed by 0.5 meters per second permantly rather than 1.5 meters per second for a short time

I tried more times, but it didn’t go well. When the problem happens, my avatar and a fireball which it shoots become slow, but opponent’s doesn’t. And most of patterns, my avatar used dash or got “speed” orb.

Furthermore, my avatar occasionally become very fast(speed ratio: near 3 [hero.speed returns 24]). I’ve also seen opponent’s speed become fast or slow. So, the problem won’t be only due to me. (speed ratio has a probrem?)

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than the snaily snails wouldnt be slow as normal snaily snails and they would go zoom zoom

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