Match Cord, Golden Choice, and the easy way out

I’m using Codecombat to learn programming in my programming class, but I’ve hit a road block in Computer Science 6. I haven’t learned anything for the past two levels. Those levels are, of course, Match Cord and Golden Choice. They don’t explain the concept well enough for me to learn anything, and there’s a very very easy way out of both. The general advice around the community for these levels is just “do it the easy way, we didn’t bother to learn the concept either”, which is not a good outlook for a learning website. It doesn’t help that the hint comments are just “here’s a map, make the code”. At least past levels had to be solved the right way, even if they were super cryptic. The requirement to do things the right way is what lead people to find the solution eventually, rather than just typing a number in. Golden Choice takes a bit more effort than Match Cord, but not enough to make you do it the right way. I’m honestly not sure how to fix these levels, I was just frustrated with not being able to learn anything from them. I hope someone has a solution for this.

Side note, how do I do them the right way? I still haven’t discovered the right way to solve either level.

Computer science skips some levels in campaign.

@nick Consider adding one level between them in order to make it easier?

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That would make the transition a little nicer, especially when it normally just suddenly drops you into maps with no idea how to use them.

I remember taking hours on Match cord, and I don’t know if I finished Golden Choice. I also had help from my dad.

@Chaboi_3000 what do you think of the progression on these levels?

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Alright, let’s add Fragile Maze and Treasured in Ice to the list of levels mentioned in this post. The mazes aren’t random, and can easily be triumphed by humans hands. Just like Match Cord and Golden Choice before it, it basically explains nothing about what you’re supposed to do. Many couldn’t even figure out that you’re supposed to use vectors for the level, and I haven’t even learned how to use vectors all too well.

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I have to agree with Jeremy on this. In theory these levels can be a good end-of-course if there were some levels near the end that dealt with smaller puzzles, but right now Glacier/CS6 is a mix of absurdly hard algorithm levels, complex combat challenges, and introductory concept levels. While I think these levels can be finished using some time planning out the algorithm as a whole class, but it requires some extra knowledge of programming. I also noticed a lot of these puzzles don’t have a hint that acts as a pathway to the right direction when developing the algorithm. I wonder if modifying/adding more documentation will perhaps make it easier to solve these levels.