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Missing Level 52/53 ->52/52



I have no idea what’s up with that, but maybe @nick could help.


Now I think I know why. There must be a level in development that you can’t see yet, so they already changed one thing but not the other. Or it could just be a mistake.


weird I have 53 levels you should ask @nick


Can you tell me name of Level 53?


Some levels in development. I think, It will be one more level on Thursday.


There are 54 levels in the dungeon:

Dungeons of Kithgard
Gems in the Deep
Enemy Mine
Forgetful Gemsmith
Shadow Guard
Signs and Portents
Kounter Kithwise
Crawlways of Kithgard
Illusory Interruption
True Names
Sleeping on the Job
Favorable Odds
The Prisoner
The Raised Sword
Cell Commentary
Kithgard Librarian
Fire Dancing
Loop Da Loop
Lost in the Stacks
Haunted Kithmaze
Descending Further
Riddling Kithmaze
The Second Kithmaze
Dread Door
Cupboards of Kithgard
Cupboards of Kithgard A
Cupboards of Kithgard B
Hack and Dash
Known Enemy
Mightier Than the Sword
Master of Names
Lowly Kithmen
By Any Other Name
Closing the Distance
Tactical Strike
The Skeleton
A Mayhem of Munchkins
The Final Kithmaze
The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet A
The Gauntlet B
Radiant Aura
Kithgard Gates
Destroying Angel
Deadly Dungeon Rescue
Kithgard Brawl
Cavern Survival
Attack Wisely
Kithgard Mastery
Kithgard Apprentice
Robot Ragnarok

HoC2016 is for the Hour of Code and won’t normally show up, but I wonder if it’s causing an off-by-one error in the counts here.

You don’t appear to have Cupboards of Kithgard B, because you probably did A fast enough that it decided you didn’t need extra practice on that concept. You aren’t missing much. :wink:


Sleeping on the Job is answer :slight_smile:


sorry for countinuing this old conversation but i have 53 and i did hoc2016


Anyone know what im missing


Some levels in Kithgard are unlocked later on. For example, I believe a level unlocks once you have beaten a certain level in Forest and another one in Desert. Have you completed those worlds?


Yes I have 130/130 in backwoods and 87/89 in sarven


Yes I have 130/130 in backwoods and 87/89 in sarven

Send your username to and I’ll tell you which level is missing. It may be that it’s one that unlocks from somewhere else.


shall I private message you


That works too – but I generally read our support inboxes first.


For Desert, you’re only missing one level, a subscriber only level named Golden Mirage (plus the two levels you have not completed). You have all Dungeon and Forest levels compete.