Missing missions? Help

I have completed all the missions up to kelvintaph glacier, except the lost Viking mission in the backwoods forest. I am a paying subscriber, but there are missions that aren’t there. In the kithgard dungeon, it says that I have completed 42 out of 43 missions, but I can’t find any other mission that I haven’t completed. same thing in the backwoods forest. I have completed 48 out of 51, but there are 2 missions missing (not including the lost Viking). in the sarven desert, I have completed 39 out of 40, and no 40th mission. anyone have any idea what is going on? are the levels just not fully posted yet?

Now there is one at cloudrip mountain. I have completed 41 out of 42??? and no mission to be found anywhere???

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These are adventure levels, undergoing debugging as we speak/code.

You can access them by looking for the level names on discourse and pasting them on the URL like:
http://codecombat.com/play/level/[level name with dash as spacer between words]

Level names can be found on discourse.

Or you can post the pics of missing levels of your world/terrain map here and folks on discourse can reply back with name of the levels.

Very good job on completing all levels… Know about the next world? Volcano… and it may have dragons if rumors are correct


For example, try:

This is a new level under trials

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