Morning's edge feedback

As a play tester, I found out morning’s edge despite it’s price is pretty weak. After all, sword of the forgotten and the sword of the temple guard are both expensive they are powerful. So heres what I thought, @nick. Why don’t we add the ability, hero.bling(target) in it? The description is even saying it can take a brawler by bling alone.
Best, @Chaboi_3000


that cud be cool But maby more dmage or somthing

how much damage does bling do?

Bling can take a brawler? Make the cooldown at least 7 seconds then, I could use it to beat level 7 of cloudrip brawl!

personally, I think the morning’s edge would be to overpowered, @Chaboi_3000, @nick, I think we should make bling two shot a brawler, doing 200-350 damage, somewhere between there, and make it a little more expensive.

See the description, so lets make this “bling” have a cooldown of 20 seconds.

That would probably work, although 20 seconds would be a little long, 18 seconds would be a little better, and increase the DPS, increase the price by 1.2x, and it is probably about perfect. @Chaboi_3000

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“One shot a brawler” I don’t want that blade unless it can attack faster than sword of temple guard…
Usually the sword of temple guard is good enough. It can kill a brawler in 600/(60*4) sec, so in 2.5 seconds
it’s good enough.
18s cooldown will definitely get you killed by munchkins

Sorry for reviving dead thread, and double posting.

Though morning’s edge’s price is half of sword of temple guard so it can’t be too op.

morning’s edge is turning into something even worse than runesword, tbh…
there are approximately 3 types of ogres you can’t 1 hit with runesword: brawler, cheiftain, and the female large ogre, right?

so basically morning’s edge has to be even cheaper than runesword, since it’s way more trashy

and thoktar, don’t forget him, the annoying guy

Thoktar? Don’t think he can be killed by either of the swords… He regens too fast. Think it’s like 20 health per second. If you use the sword, you will quickly get ran over by his minions.

Here’s my technique, Spawn bunch of minions(strong ones) and make them defend you not attack them. So it won’t get raised dead. And use a very long range staff.

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