Should I buy the Morning's Edge

I was wondering if I should buy the Mornings Edge for stuff like brawls.

I would rather suggest the temple guard or the forgotten swords

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Yes I would agree with @Falcons118

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Yeah it has horrible Damage and Dps

i wouldnt say it has horible dps it hits 3 times per second which is pretty fast plus if you flashed you could land an extra hit if your a newbie then i would recomend you getting it since it has fast dps and low cost

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There are better swords than it. Also when you get to higher/harder levels the sword is kind of pointless.

yeah it would be better to get the sword of forgotten

Woah cheddarcheese you might want to watch what you say.

I don’t think you should waste your gems on something that won’t help you later on in the game.

I was going to use it 4 brawls. Also…

You were saying? I have paladin too.

You should get Sword of the Forgotten.

meh, I’ll buy both. buy mornings edge and save up, like, 200 gems. I’ve got 5600.

I think you should get sword of forgotten.

First morning’s edge, might be useful for brawls.

Maybe to blind enemies to buy time

Get both then, it is up to you to decide which one to get first.

that’s exactly what I was going to say. Also, what is the flash duration?

Yeah I think Sword Of Forrgoten is still better since it can kill 3 ogres(I am talking ogres not munchkins/scouts) in 1sec

I found these 2 I hope this helps

Flash duration is how long the flash effect lasts, and flash stuns enemies within a certain radius.

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