Arena Link Requests

Request for any link for multiplayer arenas, i’ll guide you,
Example Request : (@)MarmiteOnToast’s cavern suvival link
Result : (@)MarmiteOnToast’s cavern suvival link
P.S : nice code marmite
i have some free time on my hands, any links allowed
Also, don’t judge people if their code is easy to beat
if no one asks for a request in a while, just say a week(ish)
then i would just share some of my nice link finds to revive the topic (i don’t want it to die)

Marmite’s mages might :D and marmite’s human team cavern survival, cuz that’s the ogre one

i don’t know if he has one, i’ve scrolled to about 2.5k rank

DANGG, maybe he just low on the leaderboard .-.

remember this?

i don’t know about that, i have so many people loaded it won’t even let me scroll farther

yez, just saying maybe he is low on the leaderboard, aint judging him

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ok i guess, i shouldn’t be so strict about my rules.

(@)MarmiteOnToast’s red cavern suvival link
(for moonwatcher348)



(@)CocoCharlie dueling grounds blue : Dueling Grounds - CodeCombat | CodeCombat
P.S : nice code, even i lost

(@)Anonym dueling grounds red : Dueling Grounds - CodeCombat | CodeCombat
P.S : nice code

Can I have your dueling grounds humans link pls (as in, the one where ur humans and I’m ogres)

MINE? but you won’t beat it, ok here :
Dueling Grounds - CodeCombat | CodeCombat

u sure ur not using exploits? my hero is stuck moving right and my code execution is blocked

what? no, (part deleted by author)


why did i even say that.

I aint showing u my code I worked on it for a longggg time and it’s pretty advanced lol

i said ss, not code

spectator u mean?