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My armor disapears



I pretty sure I bought an armor early in the game.
And it disapears.
I still have my steal helmet (sorry, I have the names in French, don’t know if my translation is correct). It’s funny because the armor of the same type of my helmet is not in the list of items… Not sure, but it’s possible that it was this armor.
It was a long time ago, but I did not pay attention to it at first. So I don’t know if I get back the coins for this item. And I don’t know if I loose other objets. I spend all my coins at the end of the first world, just before I learn that coins are needed for some level because you need to buy something (new warrior for example) :frowning:

does it happend to someone else ?



Ah, I’ve found the problem and restored the steel breastplate from misindexing. Tracking the bug here:


Hooo Yeahhh.

Thanks, it will be better now (+200 always good).