"My Matches" shows loss, but replay shows victory

I’ve only spot-checked a couple, but when I click the “Defeat the ogres!” link beside losses on the My Matches tab, I see a playback in which my forces are triumphant. For example, Craw vs. spetd is listed on My Matches as a loss for me (a victory for spetd), but when I watch the playback, it’s a Craw victory.

Have you possibly changed your code since you submitted? That could lead to a different playback. Also, if the other player has resubmitted her code since the match was ranked, you could be seeing a more-recent version of her strategy than the one your submitted code played against.

It’s also possible that we have yet another bug that causes games to simulate differently in the simulator than in actual combat, but we haven’t seen any indicators of that in a while, so we think we’ve got them in agreement now.

Opponent changed code since simulation seems likely enough. I don’t think I changed my own code.

Is there a feature-request in for replays to reflect the state of the code when the simulation was run rather than the most recent code?

No we don’t have an issue for that yet. That would be good, but there’s no trivial solution I think, not without storing a ton of data and even then it won’t be perfect. There are many things that can change, like the level configs, the component and system logic, and the fundamental logic of the site itself. So it’ll probably never be perfectly consistent, but I think once we’ve got data hooked up to a Github backend where we can have a good system to version peoples’ code with, we could at least do this.

I faced the same type of problems. And each time I was sure I did not change my code.
Ok, the opponents could have changed their code. But when it happens with two or three of the last official matches…

Ramark : I observed it less in the past few days. The replay match more the official result. (but my rank is not as good as it was :wink: