My new youtube channel feedback please

My channel link

please share with anyone coding in codcombat (I know it has only two videos but i will upload more in the future)

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Very nice! I like it!
It might be easier to see your code, however, if it is in full screen. But I like it a lot! I imagine you’ll have lots of videos on there when you finish coco :wink:


im sorry but um no advertising its a rule but you can advertise using your description

This is asking for feedback, not advertising.

no he is advertising his channel by making a topic for it he could just advertise with his description and it would work all the same

This is not advertising, as I said. And if he put this on his profile, nobody would be able to comment.

Actually cheddar is right, yes this is advertising.
If you want to comment either comment on his vids or send him a pm.

I’d say just wait for one of the leaders to respond to this

But i am not advertising i was just asking for feed back so i could improve my channel

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I thought it was advertising at first too, but it’s for code combat. Sooo…