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So if I was to do CoCo videos on my new YouTube how would that work anyone? Because the rules are to not give the answer so I can not do a Walkthrough or Gameplay because of that rule so what exactly would I do or could I do… Anyone wanna help me out here please I am stumped :<

I’d suggest you wouldn’t show your code in the vids.

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Annnd Idk if this is advertising or not so it may be against the rules.


I mean… you could explain how the code works I think.

And yes, Eric is right. You can’t advertise on here.


Like give ideas on HOW the code should look. Just don’t show any.

This is not against the rules because it says… * Advertising counts as spam.

This would not count as spam because you guys don’t know my account and where to find it nor do you have a link I have given you to go to it :3

Don’t worry I have read the rules many times especially learning from my past suspensions on my other account and know how the rules work mostly :3

But the thing is this is a simple question no advertisement was given and won’t be given there is no link and I never gave you guys the name so I am in the clear :3

you could do tutorials (like streams with code step by step)


Yeah but then at the end it would give the answer?
Do you mean like tell them how they are supposed to do it?
without giving them the answer?

IT IS A TUTORIAL (like how a teacher helps you solve the problems)


Yes that would make sense I guess thanks :3

Oh did you forget your password for achipelago_gold.

Well I have it now I just had forgotten it

You should go on your old acc.

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why though lol I like this one better tbh

You can make changes to your old one to match this account yknow

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Yeah I didn’t but now I do but imma just have one of the mods delete it or something

I think, you can show your code, but like maybe start from the all the way beginning and work your way to the end of the code


Yeah but would that be giving them the solution to the code?