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Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games

How many simulations do you show? It takes a lot of simulating to get the gems you need. From what I understand, it doesn’t matter how many you have won, only how many games that you personally simulated on your system. You can look at your achievements to see how many games you have simulated and the gems you earned. With over 500,000 simulations I received 3814 gems.

The post below gives some good details on how to maximize the gem farming from simulations.


263 games simulated. this a lot?

i dont get the bar showing how many gems earned

No, it’s not a lot. Leave the machine on and simulating as much as possible when you’re not using it using as many tabs as you can. Usually (as a general rule of thumb), the number of open tabs your machine can handle to do this is one less than the number of cores the processor has. For Windows, right click on This PC and select, properties. If you can’t find the number of cores there, open Task Manager (run taskmgr) and click on the Performance tab.

Also, ask others to leave a tab on their browser doing the same for you. Use as many machines as possible (parents, friends, etc.).

The number of simulations isn’t always immediately updated. Just keep simulating and it will eventually update and credit them to you. Sometimes it can take a while.

No, 263 is not a lot to get the gems you want. I have over 500,000 simulations for the 3800 gems. That brown bar is from the Achievements section in the game in the bottom right corner, the trophy when you are in the maps. With your 263 games, you should have about 185 gems. The formula is below.

20 * games^0.4 (^ = power), so games to the power of 0.4 multiplied by 20

Have you beaten all of the regular levels in the game? Another good way to get gems is maxing out the re-playable levels (flags with the mace on top). They may have a number in the flag telling you what level you are at on that specific level. Each time you win, it gets harder and more gems.

Regarding @MunkeyShynes post, the part with

It’s usually a bad idea to ‘share’ access to an account, be it CodeCombat or something else.
So in case you do that, please be sure of it that you’re able to trust them.
Sorry, had to add that :sweat_smile:

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This is weird. I don’t have 185 gems more than my starting amount (527).

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The number of simulations isn’t always immediately updated. Just keep simulating and it will eventually update and credit them to you. Sometimes it can take a while.

How long does it usually take?

According to this post: you can “exploit” update it, by changing volume while in the map ingame, saving account settings, or completing a new level. (if i understood correctly, this post was to “update” the achievement)

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so i just update my account settings, or “sync”

guess so, just give it a try.

how do I do this

so i just update my account settings, or “sync”

I don’t know if it works anymore, but you used to be able to update your simulation count in Achievements by just clicking on the volume button (located in the upper right hand corner of the main world map) a bunch of times. I’d click it really fast about 50 times and it would update.

The Firefox browser works best(In my opinion, it’s the only browser that works for simulations). I haven’t been able to successfully use the volume button exploit yet though. All I know is that it did work. I think it’s deprecated now.

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hey thanks i will try that

im donig this on a chromebook so i cant do firefox but i will try chrome

you guys should really have a sync button in settings

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I wonder what will happen if i leave my computer on all night doing this…

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