Need help..... I can't find the next level after Beginner (Stupid Q) THANKS!

Hi guys, I can’t find the next level after Beginner ,I know its a little stupid question, but I don’t know what to do after Beginner, need tips~ thanks!


If you go to ‘Levels’ in the top bar you can either choose between ‘Random Harder Levels’ or ‘Player created’ levels. Just look for levels with a low difficulty, like ‘The Right Route’ or ‘Sword Loop’.

After those levels you should try out a multiplayer arena.

I hope this helped you a bit.

Can you please not revive dead topics.

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Oh man, The Right Route and Sword Loop! It’s been so long since those were our levels! (That kind of level doesn’t load any more, too bad.) We also had really old ones like Rescue Mission, Molotov Medic, and Hunter Triplets, and arena levels like Brawlwood. Good times.


You can technically load the level by changing the Knight into a Hero Placeholder, but most of the time Tharin is missing the methods so it’s unplayable unless you make a lot of changes.
You can try some of the “loadable old-levels”
Sword Loop
Rescue Mission

Also Dungeon Arena!