New gamemode Idea

I have an idea for a new gamemode (or boss):
World Superbosses.
What is this? Its an event that could happen anytime each day. The boss could have a range of 50k health to 500k health. Everyone will be on the same team (you will see other players fighting the boss), and you can heal or cast spells on other players. Each time you beat the boss, you will get either 100-1000 coins (depending on how much damage you did to the boss and how powerful the boss was), and the boss will double in difficulty. If you don’t beat the boss in a given set of time (ex, 10 minutes) then the boss will rank down by one level. It’s a good way to get old players playing again, and a way to help people to get gems. It should be unlocked after desert is unlocked.
How does this sound? Give a :+1: if you want this to happen!


Sounds like a really good idea! It can promote teamwork as well(just some values learnt):grin: And it is a good and fun way to earn gems!

Not sure whether it will be implemented though

Yeah. I took it from cough cough prodigy?

oh whats that(20 chars)

search up prodigy math game titan battle

oh ok but still sound nice

Can the players use their equipment or is there a pre formed equipment like those in the AI League arenas?

They can use their ‍‍equipment (like carvern survival)

ok but that might be laggy

Wizards can make A TON of troops

Yeah. We might have to blur some or combine them

oh ok(20 chars 20 chars)

Would there be friendly fire like okar stomping everyone at 15 m?

No, becuase new players would be KILLED

ok but robobombs will still have friendly fire right becuz it is a suicide bomber and a individual unit and I also avoid that when i use Usara

Sure. Also, just 2 people isn’t good enough to have feedback. @ZAX155 @Jason_king_lin @PeterPalov

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Hey i am writing hw dont @ me

Guess we’ll talk tmr i need to leave bye

only problem with that is that they would have to add a completely new level type that wouldn’t be re-used :/