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The brawls obsoletness


Continuing the discussion from Now you can’t beat savern brawl:

As sotonin said in this post
the brawls with eventually become obsolete so will the other repeatable levels barbecue they will eventually get so hard that no one can beat them I just wanted to point out this um "feature(not really)"
but maybe someone out there can maybe remdy this?


Its not obsolete. It serves its purpose. you play as many difficulties as you can getting gems until you can go no further then die then do it again the next day. There’s just no end. no “beating” it overall.


I think it’s a good feature, they don’t want you to be able to just generate infinite amounts of gems. You can get quite a lot from the repeatable levels as it is. Besides, any given wave is only ‘impossible’ until someone finds a clever enough solution to beat it.


but still would you be able to beat 314159 throwers or munchkins?


Thats the point. some day as more gear comes out and more hp. You might, but then there would just be even more at the next level… which is the point it will work well forever.


But there will be an end to the map(said the world map) and then there will be no more levels/gems


There’s no plan to stop making levels ever. Presumably the difficulty 7 Backwoods Brawl which seems impossible now will be easily doable with the sweet gear and heroes and tactics one has after beating 200 levels, and maybe someone will have gotten to difficulty 11, etc. (As soon as we get some of the high-end ogres in so that we can do something other than just a thousand munchkins and throwers…)


I can’t beat 314159 throwers, but I think once we have a non-blocking move method I might be able to avoid getting hit by them. Of course I’m sure my browser would crash long before it got to that many enemies on screen.