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Colossus Clash Ideas

Hi. As you know the “Giants Gate” is a ‘warm-up arena’ in Season 3. So the next arena with be the challenge one. I haven’t started to work on that and making design drafts only. So feel free to put your ideas here and what you want to see there. Can’t promise I take those ideas, but can promise I’ll read them all. Ideally the “CC” arena should be based on the “GG” arena.

how about fangriders? or cheftitans? IDK

cost: same as brawler:
peasant that has 1 HP follows a unit that shields the unit for 3 secs and durring that time negates damage to that unit
(can only be used on summoned units)

The arena could be larger, with 6 giants(2 in the middle plus another lane) instead of four. We also could have spells like in sorcerers blitz.

Since it’s “Clash”, the giants should CLASH right?

Some possible ideas:

  • a big melee giant for each side, which will (at fixed time? or when player commands?) start walking toward the opponent’s side

  • you can make your giant grow bigger and more powerful (by spells?)

  • if the giant is killed, a new small one will respawn after a while which you can then slowly pump up again

  • or, each side has a platform bursting with mystical energy on their side, and whatever unit you park on it will grow bigger and bigger and bigger

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every unit have their own element and they can have an ability that have cooldown
ability: dash damage: 100
attack damage: 0 (bc tank only for block)
health: 700
element: water

Maybe giants should be able to move(and you should control them directly).

thats to powerful i guess lol

Yep,this is a obvious idea what I thought about, the main issue with balancing as with giant archer player just move them to the base. Maybe diferent types of giants

i think like if you wan to ddo that the health and the attack dmg shoudld be reduce but the speed is like brawler and the spawn is like 7 seconds