Colossus Clash Ideas

Hi. As you know the “Giants Gate” is a ‘warm-up arena’ in Season 3. So the next arena with be the challenge one. I haven’t started to work on that and making design drafts only. So feel free to put your ideas here and what you want to see there. Can’t promise I take those ideas, but can promise I’ll read them all. Ideally the “CC” arena should be based on the “GG” arena.

how about fangriders? or cheftitans? IDK

cost: same as brawler:
peasant that has 1 HP follows a unit that shields the unit for 3 secs and durring that time negates damage to that unit
(can only be used on summoned units)

The arena could be larger, with 6 giants(2 in the middle plus another lane) instead of four. We also could have spells like in sorcerers blitz.

Since it’s “Clash”, the giants should CLASH right?

Some possible ideas:

  • a big melee giant for each side, which will (at fixed time? or when player commands?) start walking toward the opponent’s side

  • you can make your giant grow bigger and more powerful (by spells?)

  • if the giant is killed, a new small one will respawn after a while which you can then slowly pump up again

  • or, each side has a platform bursting with mystical energy on their side, and whatever unit you park on it will grow bigger and bigger and bigger

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every unit have their own element and they can have an ability that have cooldown
ability: dash damage: 100
attack damage: 0 (bc tank only for block)
health: 700
element: water

Maybe giants should be able to move(and you should control them directly).

thats to powerful i guess lol

Yep,this is a obvious idea what I thought about, the main issue with balancing as with giant archer player just move them to the base. Maybe diferent types of giants

i think like if you wan to ddo that the health and the attack dmg shoudld be reduce but the speed is like brawler and the spawn is like 7 seconds

isnt there. Wish I could have a test.

I have an idea to add yaks in the background and once they get attacked, they attack back killing your units. Another idea is adding griffin riders that are very fast with moderate attack and low health(Cost: 2). Decoys that can’t attack but distract enemy units (Cost:1). Burls with high health, high damage, but low speed(Cost:6). Add something like thoktar that summons munchkins instead but thoktar is squishy him/herself (Cost:10? Maybe more?). And some robobombs that charge and explode once killed like a fireball but damages the base hero and giants(Cost:2). Robot walker with high health, high damage, moderate speed, and 3 seconds every attack(Cost:5). I’ll try to think of more ideas, but this is all right now.

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i have and idea why dont we use tower like archer tower

Yeah, cuz that is in summoner. I put my ideas in summoner. They’re done for you all.

Hmmm, maybe we could have these units:

const builder = {
    timeToSummon: 2,
    affectedBySpells: true,
    health: 5,
    speed: 10,
    damage: 0,
    attacks: false,
    abilities: {
        buildXY: (type, x, y) => {
            while (builder.distanceTo(Vector(x, y)) > 3) builder.move(Vector(x, y));
            game.spawnXY(type, x, y);
const commander = {
    canBeCommanded: true,
    health: 250,
    abilites: {
        commandUnit: (unit, method, e1, e2, e3) => {
        regen: (unit) => {
            commander.cast("regen", unit);
    timeToSummon: 5,
    damage: 0,
    affectedBySpells: false,
    speed: 0,
    attacks: false


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