New Types of Heroes

Hey guys I know that a lot of people have tried to do this type of topic but it hasn’t really picked up any speed at all so I wanted to try it again. So with that being said post all your hero ideas here and who knows maybe the ideas will be used someday :wink:

@Deadpool198 this is especially for you because I’ve seen your drawings and their really good



Yes I agree with the Deadpool drawings 100%!

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Uh in case you have not forgotten CodeCombat is focusing effort on new levels/worlds and new items. So I don’t think there will be more heroes until like another 3 to 5 years.

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Well you never know they might surprise us @milton.jinich :man_shrugging:

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I checked the thang types they haven’t even made a picture of it so I kind of know what to expect. It takes years to make new heroes


We don’t plan on adding any more heroes. I think we’ll focus on adding some actual game content(items, levels, arenas) for the meantime. (Also our AI league :slight_smile: )


There you have it straight from the source


Yup from the man himself. (not really but you get what I mean)

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That is true but they could at least experiment with new ideas. Its the same with the map did you know that the volcano map that they are developing as been in progress for about five years now? So the difference between hero and map development is almost the same

Again this is just an idea

Welp, for the volcano map Chaboi_3000’s meme is totally correct. We probably won’t see the volcano map for another 2 years at least.


Yea which means a total of seven years. And while they may not be doing anymore heroes at the moment, there is always a possibility

first they don’t have a scetch for a hero. Also, making a hero takes at least 2 to 5 years. Volcano won’t come out for years because you have to make new levels and more people need to make it to the glacier. That won’t happen for another 2 years by then the Volcano is done.

True just saying a sketch is a good way to express your ideas. Or some graphic application could be used

Maybe the fact that they don’t have a sketch means that they don’t want a new hero.

Um ok dang just a idea…

Well anyone got ideas