Is codeCombat still being developed?


So im slowly creeping to completing codeCombat, i think its really good but i have not seen any future development.
I am aware that this is 3-4 years old now and i can see the final stage with the “???” on it, but is this still being developed?


I’m pretty sure that they are still developing the final world. They are probably still developing levels in the glacier world as it has way fewer levels than other worlds.
Just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you mean updated, yes. Codecombat has been updated a few times and is still developing new levels and world. For more info, talk to our Game Developer @serg


I’m just one of the few Game Developers here at CodeCombat :wink:

But! If you want to see how often CodeCombat is updated, hop by the GitHub. All of our other developers contribute there and you can see just how alive it is!

For the first quarter of 2017 the actual game team has been working on, such as Pets, the Announcement Modal, and the improved hero unlock mechanic for our premium users.

Very soon we’re going to start planning what we are going to do for the second quarter of 2017. We’re always keeping an eye on the forums for new suggestions, and we haven’t forgotten about the Volcano world.


Do you know who any of the other Game Designers are?


They are listed on the codecombat home page and there should be an about us or team tab.


Some people don’t like being in the light. They lurk, in the shadows, ready to strike at any moment!


What plans do you have for the volcano world and the new characters. Also, have you guys decided on a name for the world?


I think it’s not hard to recognize us on the forum :slight_smile:


You can check the forum about new levels announcements and mail lists before. For the last year, for example, we added more than 200 levels. About the Volcano world – have you completed the Glacier? There are not so many people who did it. So we are more focused on beginner developer and students.


Oh sorry @Bryukh

(20 Chars)


In that case,

Do you or any other developers of the game have any further plans moving forward for the Glacier and Volcano world?


Not many people completed the Glacier whole. We’re going to add it however it’s not high priority goal.