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New Types of Pets


Most snakes aren’t venomous and it doesn’t hurt when a non-venomous snakes bites you (I know this from experience :crazy_face:).


Non-venomous snakes who bite you will still give you puncture wounds though. It will definitely hurt. Especially if it goes through a blood vessel or something.


Nope. Their teeth are tiny and hook-shaped. They’re meant for gripping and holding and are too small to penetrate very deeply. The only time it hurts is if they won’t let go and you try to pull them off - it will leave wounds like scrapes and scratches on the skin. Nothing deeper than that though. That’s why you don’t try to pull them off. Just wait for them to get tired of biting you and they’ll let go and then there’s no damage.


Then how do they murder their prey? Swallow it?


They either swallow it alive or they constrict it (asphyxiation).


Oof that’s too scientific for me.


I want this to be a pet, I based it’s pose and style on the wolf pet:

I know there’s already a fox, but I wanted a common fox who’x a bit cuter as well. :grin:
:lion: :lion: :lion: