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Newbie just getting started


Hi there,

I’m new to CC and coding and am loving it. I have three-four, 40 min. periods I can dedicate to CC. I’m hoping to use the first two for students to complete the free “Introduction to Computer Science” course.

Then, I’d like to somehow have them work in teams to compete against each other (both in their classes and against other classes). There’s no money in our budget to purchase a subscription this year, so I need some advice.

What does everyone else do to set up teams? Can anyone point me to some good resources/links? I’ve been reading through the forum and am not sure I understand what clans are or how to create them and then monitor their progress.

Thanks for your help.


Run the students through the hour of code stuff on the courses page. At the end there is an arena they can create code for and compete in. That is pretty much all you will have time to do. That would all be free.

Make sure that you play everything out before hand.

You can find premade lesson plans and some posters on on this forum post. The posters are good for putting up to help the students, but you won’t need all of them, probably only the first 4.

I run the class as an elective and have found the most helpful thing is to give students plenty of time actually code.

Also, create the students accounts before the first class, or you will spend 40 min just signing kids up.


Thanks for your help!