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Nick Away In Peru


Hey guys; I’m going to be hiking in Peru until July 9, so if I don’t respond or if there’s a bug only I can fix or something, please be patient.


Awesome, have a great trip! And I expect a Peru inspired level when you return!


I’m back now and catching up on posts, emails, Aether bugs, etc.


Hi Nick ,

I know that by writing this post , I am perhaps breaking the decorum of asking questions – but I’m kinda desperate , so if you could answer my query regarding a parser for a new language for CC , I would be really really grateful …


Out if curiosity, did mountain and glaciers get inspired by this trek?

maybe we need Atlantis next :grin:


Hi @Arunabha_Sarkar,
There is a volcano world. On the world map, it shows only a volcano world, and no Atlantis. You can request a Atlantis World (@nick, it would be awesome!), but for now, no Atlantis.