Testing Account

Maybe CoCo could have an official testing account where you have all the levels unlocked and all the equipment while not having any solutions saved? (unless you could make it save on the device) Since sometimes you aren’t sure what a ring (for example) does and you can’t check until you buy it.

I think that’s an intriguing idea. However, it sounds like a lot of work for the creators…

True, but it would be super useful to people, especially to new players…

please put this in idea thing plz(I think thats where this belongs atleast?)

I posted it because I want to be able to discuss it without spamming the ideas thread.

I’m not entirely sure if it should go in there…but I think it’s fine to have this as it’s own separate topic.

But yeah, I’ll paste it there too.

You can make the GodMode where you have lvl 66 items, Boss Star 5, etc.

But then it wouldn’t be any fun :confused: you could just play the levels in that mode the whole time… unless they added a separate testing level

Or, I think a wiki full of gifs of the different abilities of the rings would be less work but more helpful

But I mean the unholy tome and stuff like that too.

And I would like to be able to test it on different cases

For me it was also not clear what some kind of stuff to buy could do. Maybe more clear description would be great too.
Or maybe it could be a link to specialy designed level with code example how to use some accesores.

Yes. That’s kinda what moonwatcher suggested. And this too ties into selling items :neutral_face: