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Obsidian chestplate missing?


When I logged in today I couldn’t find my obsidian chestplate equipped only my helmet.I checked the shop and the chestplate was missing too. I used a lot of gems on it if ur going to remove it permanently please give me a refund on gems. @nick could you help me out?


Sorry about that; looks like the breastplate got unindexed for some reason, maybe related to the insane server demand we’re having during Hour of Code during a save. I’ve re-indexed it, so it’s showing up again now for your hero.


THANK GODS <3 I thought i lost it for a second


Actually I double checked it still isn’t showing up in the shop or my avatar


Does it show up if you go to ?


Ok it shows in direct but in NORMAL without direct it doesn’t show


It’s probably cached for a bit; it should update soon. You may also want to clear your browser cache. Or just play on direct for now.