Bought the wrong item... need a refund if possible

So I have accidentally bought the wrong item and i would like a refund. I bought the runesword meaning to buy the steel striker. If I could get a refund on the runesword that would be great. Thanks.

You got it; I reset all your gem purchases, so you can decide from scratch what items to buy (although they won’t be unequipped all at once). Thanks for your support, by the way!

Okay so I got it but I don’t think I received the right amount of gems. I bought the armor I had previously and I didn’t have enough to buy the shield I had. I did put $10 onto the game and i don’t think I received the refunded gems for it. If I could get the $10 in gems back I can finish what I need.

Sorry @sj34365, I missed those when resetting your totals. I’ve gotten them back in there now.

I also need a refund i bought the rusted iron helmet instead of the steel helmet

I need a refund too @nick I accidentally bought the steel ring

Wow, a 2-year necro :skull:

yeah(must be at least 20 chars)

I can I get a refund on the Ritic the Cold I bought it on mistake so could I please get a refund @nick.

3 year necro :0 (20 chars)