Oh man what is there to do now?

Once you complete most of the two worlds there is nothing you can do plus. Some stages are locked for 19hours.

go paid? lols.

There are currently 4 worlds. Are you sure you played and completed every red-dot-level? While of course someone of the developers could have accidentally broke the chain of level-unlocks, I highly doubt that (they have fancy graph-tools which show such things).

If you really don’t find any other level, please post a screenshot of both worlds you can access, and help will soon arrive.

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The forest level which opens the desert is called: “Siege of Stonehold”

If you have completed that level, but don’t have the blue arrow for the desert (or clicking the “world” icon there in the corner doesn’t let you select the “Desert” world) then try submitting and completing the “Siege of Stonehold” again. If that doesn’t work let us know and one of the big wigs :slight_smile: will look into it.