I just beat Blackwoods Forest and Sarven Desert isn't unlocked

I just beat blackwoods forest in code combat (without a subscription), and I want to unlock sarven desert. Why isn’t it unlocked?

Also, does the fact that the game is pointing an arrow at a subscription only level have to do with this?

Hm. The next free level should be The Mighty Sand Yak. Are you sure there isn’t anything there?

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It just says that Sarven Desert isn’t unlocked.

Replay Siege of Stonehold (the last forest level). Sometimes CodeCombat doesn’t update properly.

Did it work? If it didn’t @nick might have to help out

Go to the Google sheet with the list of all released levels:

search for the The Mighty Sand Yak and open the link directly.

It’s probably a bug on code combat. If you have just finished siege of stonehold, the next level should be in the desert. Btw, you don’t need to subscribe. Ask Nick.