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I just beat Blackwoods Forest and Sarven Desert isn't unlocked


I just beat blackwoods forest in code combat (without a subscription), and I want to unlock sarven desert. Why isn’t it unlocked?

Also, does the fact that the game is pointing an arrow at a subscription only level have to do with this?


Hm. The next free level should be The Mighty Sand Yak. Are you sure there isn’t anything there?


It just says that Sarven Desert isn’t unlocked.


Replay Siege of Stonehold (the last forest level). Sometimes CodeCombat doesn’t update properly.


Did it work? If it didn’t @nick might have to help out


Go to the Google sheet with the list of all released levels:

search for the The Mighty Sand Yak and open the link directly.


It’s probably a bug on code combat. If you have just finished siege of stonehold, the next level should be in the desert. Btw, you don’t need to subscribe. Ask Nick.