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Option to export all my saved scripts


I was hoping that there was a way to save/export all my existing scripts for all units. This will be especially helpful for levels like Brawlwood.

(Next sensible feature would be the ability to upload/import a file to update all unit scripts.)


I agreed. It could help to test different strategies, without loosing all the code (and copy paste by hand is not very effective).


Alternatively, we could allow you to have more than one session. One for each of your strategies. What do you think of that idea?

There has been talk about setting up a page where you can see all the code for all the levels you’ve played. This sort of feature could fold into that.


More than one session is a good idea. I think of creating a new user just to test new strategies, but I was afraid of the possible issues of this. So, yes, multilple session for one user could be better.
We need a simple way to view our sessions, the code inside. It could be interesting to open two sessions in two different web pages to compare them. It could be also great to select another session as the ennemy, to test our codes.


Multiple sessions sound ok, but you have to think of the limit for each player.

I mean seeing the same nicknames multiple times in the top rankings kinda discourages new blood from trying.


How about implementing a limited amount of spell tomes a player can switch to during a battle?

This way you can try out different strategies within the same level session.

You should be able to give the different spell tomes a name and review them later in a centralized place, like the ‘code page’ @scott suggested.

This could also solve the problem @jemdelcarmen pointed out. If you would simulate a game, then it would use the spell tome that is currently set, so the rankings stay unique.