Page unresponsive on Haunted Kitzmaze

Firstly, I still able to play it but it still throws some sort of error in my code. After fixed something and press run, the page hanged and the page gone unresponsive. The page now use 100mb of my RAM so I quit the page. Now the game hanged when loading this level and I cannot play it anymore.

I play on Lua.

I’m using latest Google Chrome. Please tell me if you want additional information.


If you switch to a non-Lua language in this level, does it work?

Yes, I try switch to Python but it stuck at loading again.

Also, every pages under hanged as well.


Tracking the bug here:

Thanks Nick. :smile:
I remember another thing that might be the cause. Before the level crash. I typed in While true do above the loop: line. This might help you. (I’m thinking about how you do that in Lua and forgot to check the game tutorial on loop.)

Thank you.