Peoples Favorite Items

Hi i was feeling a bit bored so i decided to create a new topic of your favorite items! Personally, i dont really have a favorite item. But i what to know yours!

Can we have multiple?

sure thing just list them out.

Since I am a non-subscriber I like the ring of speed(or speed ring I forgot what it is called)

i also am non-subscriber but i dont have the ring so i usually use the boots-of leaping (edit)

Oh i have the jump boots but the ring is awesome

yes my friend has it and he goes lightning fast XD i cant catch him in pvp (sorry for my spelling mistakes)

see the thing is subscribers get really cool stuff and they get things that are overpowered. non-subscribers just have to do with what they got.

Subscribers have access to pets (witch are Op) and get extra gems tough the items are not that different (except ,mages,rangers etc)

Yeah I wish I had pets. They should allow non-subscribers to get more than 4 heroes. subscribers get soo many heroes

@Chaboi_3000 said in his hero and stats topic that they are gonna keep mages and rangers to subscribers sadly

:sob: No new heroes for non-subscribers

sorry I have to go I have homework


Yes take care :smiley:

guys I know a glitch to equip pets without a subscription

tell me NOW!!!

Please don’t share exploits and please don’t ask for exploits.


ok my bad…

Ya, same. But you only can get non gem pets.