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[SOLVED] Cubic Minefield won't load

Hi there,
My game is prompting me to complete the level Cubic Minefield but giving me an error during loading screen. how can I fix this

Can you show us the error that you are getting?


Can’t get an error - loading bar just stops halfway. Its the only level like this.

Ah. Nevermind here is the error -

Infinite Loop Detected
The initial code to build the world never finished running. It’s probably either really slow or has an infinite loop. Or there might be a bug. You can either try running this code again or reset the code to the default state. If that doesn’t fix it, please let us know.

You can also open the developer console to see what might be going wrong.(instructions)

Have you tried resetting the code with the button?

took several tries but it is working now. Thanks for the help