Please accept my patch

Uhh Yeah! It gives you a BIG adventage

You don’t have to post your code.
If you changed something in thang editor like added warlocks for boss star and used for your own - that’s a cheat. Maybe it’s not a hack, but still it’s cheating.

If you made in your levels that you can summon warlocks and commad them - that’s good, one day you will become a great Artsian. However, if you change something in the thang editor, for you, and use it in “real” levels, like replayable brawls, it’s unfair because the idea of replayable brawls is that you use only that you can, not that you changed in editor. I looked at your code in Cloudrip Siege, and I saw that you use abilities like summoning witches or warlocks, bombs, etc. Is it fair?

Anyway, it’s your choice to use cheats (even if you don’t think so), but maybe one day you will be banned.


What’s happening there? I don’t remember if we have accepted any patches which changed logic for boss stars. What cheating we are talking about?

RangerGrant9307 somehow made his boss star to summon witches and warlocks, he used that in replayable levels.

I doubt he can use a customized boss star as it wasn’t changed. Maybe he could play it in ‘dev’ mode only :thinking: Need to check if it’s possible. If yes, then it’s cheating of course.


@Bryukh I’ve reproduced the exploit and sent it to Nick. I’ll just forward the message to you via. Slack if that helps :slight_smile:

Yeah. I used the thang editor, so I could summon witches and warlocks. Then I typed in

Thanks. It will be fixed soon, it should be as with the level editor, you can test and play but you can’t win/complete a level if there are some changed thangs/components/system in localStorage.


Sorry about the cheating. :’(