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Likes limit is slightly faulty


Earlier today I hit the likes limit. It told me to wait 1 hour before I could continue to give likes. When that time ran out and I could like posts again, I was only able to give one like before it told me to wait 4 more hours.
Why is the likes system acting so crazy?!?

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I found that does happen sometimes. Maybe something with the time zones or AM and PM causes these errors


I am in the Pacific-Northwest time zone, if that helps.


I can’t really think of anything wrong of the top of my head. Probably it thinks that 1 hour left until noon but the day doesn’t end until 12:00 midnight or something like that. Don’t really care about it, just wake up the next day and it should be reset.

PS: I also live on the west coast but I use PST. (Pacific Standard Time) You know what state you live in?


I live in California, pretty close to SF. (I know my description says I live in a separate world called Emírre, but IRL :slightly_smiling_face:)


I live in Southern California :wink:


I have cousins in Southern California! :grinning:


Great, it’s not just me… #ForeverAlone #not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I live in san mateo. Also, I have the same problem.