Possible Future Limited Item Levels

CodeCombat’s been missing out on those limited-time items, like Wyvernclaw and Master Sword. And there are a few lonely items lying around that’s ready to be used. Since there’s one of those levels per the first two zones, I can imagine them also being in the other ones too. Here are some of my ideas on those levels:

Desert - Tic Tac Toe

The classic Tic Tac Toe game, but with Griffin Pet + Troops! The enemy also has a
cannon that shoots ogres to compete against you! The goal? Tie or win against the enemy. The enemy movements are randomized so you can’t brute-force through the level.

Algorithms/Problem solving(Since it has randomized enemy moves)
Simple coordinate storing
Very simple arrays/lists

Limited time(1 week) – Windwalker Armor – Ranger Set – Extra speed(thang)

Mountain - Laser Puzzle:

It could be one of those laser puzzles where you have to push certain “items” to get the laser to the destination. In this case, it can be troops walking around, and a wizard shooting a fissure/beam that connects between troops and hits some enemy? It would be nice if we can get the self-regenerating Tauran Armor unlocked for a limited time(1 week?).

Advanced algorithms(Since the location of the final target is randomized).
Introducing troop commanding.
Arrays/Lists – This level will give you a “map”.

Limited time(1 week) – Tauran Armor(Helmet and Chestplate) – HP regen(thang)

Glacier - Movement Puzzle

The rules are simple. You have to go cross over to the other end of the field, but you have to cover all of the movement stones. Only simple boots are allowed, and abilities cannot be used. The ring of flowers is required so the player can visually see the paths they went. They must step on all movement stones without stepping on a single movement stone twice. Every time you step on a movement stone, you will leave a firetrap that will blow up if you step on the same path twice. Would have ~5 different seeds/maps so the code cannot be done brute-force.

Very advanced algorithms
Learning from given data
Much more complex data reading
Complex Arrays

Limited time(1 week) – Phoenixfire – Ranger weapon – Shoots fireballs instead of arrows(thang)

@nick I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on this. Would it be reasonable to make these levels premium-only to avoid confusion with Phoenixfire and Windwalker?


I think you should also have some more simpler games for the forest and the dungeon. You could have a maze in the dungeon that has a secret rule to solve it, and in the forest, you could do something like a tower defense or stuff.

Those exist. Check out Robot Ragnarok and Apocalypse.

Oh, but they don’t gift special items?
And also robot Ragnarok can be hard coded

@TheOrbitals they used to for a limited time(1 week). (Master Sword and Wyvernclaw)

It’s meant to be hard-codable because Dungeon doesn’t really have much conditionals involved.

Ah I see.
Also these levels should gift special items for 1 day every month or 2 weeks every year.
So that we could have a chance

Well those items are generally weaker than the top-tier equipment, so I’d say it’s more fun to make it only 1-week span. :slight_smile:

K so 1 week per year, so that later players also have a chance
And the Phoenixfire should do constant damage after it has stricken the enemy, since it’s a fireball

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@TheOrbitals fireball does AoE damage, unlike normal arrows.

Maybe, as I said, it’s up to Nick whether he wants to change it. Although I like the idea of making it available once per year, it’s a manual process and may be a little hard.


I think it shoots the missile impaling fireboat (look in level editor)

No I used phoenixfire before. It shoots fireballs.

What uses impaling firebolt?

Nothing that I know of.

Impaling fireboat and fireball look alike. Is there any real difference?

Seems like CoCo’s already decided on never making those items unlockable again

The idea is to have alternatives to those limited-edition items. Like vine staff is basically an alternative to wyvernclaw, and morning’s edge will be an alternative to master sword.


wait lets say you got wyvern claw would you lose it when the week ends?

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Nope :slight_smile: You can still use it after.

oh so its like when you buy a subscription hero then a day later it ends?

So basically those levels(Robot Ragnarok and Apocalypse) are subscriber-only levels that had a one-week limited-edition item as a prize(Meaning that only subscribers can obtain it), and you’d be able to use it after the reward goes away.

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oh thanks for your answer