Precision Rifle - New abilty's and ideas

Ok. So the precision rifle is kind of like the boss of all rifles, so it should deserve some kind of special ability. Right guys?
Some of the ideas are like this:

headshot(); a ability that allows you to instant kill ogres. As long as there under 200 health, you’re fine. Also has a cool down of 10 seconds. Would be good against a single ogre, bad against swarms of enemies.

clusterShot(); as it means. Now this one is good against groups of baddies, while the other ability is good on single high hp enemies. If you use it. It will load a bomb into the barrel, and you shoot it, making it explode, similar to the fire-trap explosion. Has a cool down of 10 seconds.

leadShot(); a ability to knock the enemy back for like, 10 meters. Good against multiplayer match’s, because if the player is charging towards you, knock him back, and start to shoot him while he’s in mid-air, because you can hit/melee enemies if their in the air.

Keep this topic around the item, if you want make a new thread, feel free. BTW keep this up, because I love these post’s!

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Ok maybe the developers who balance this out, can give some damage values.