The precision rifle is underated

The gift of trees has less DPS and less damage only has one ability. The gift of trees should have a way lower cost. The precision rifle has good damage and has good DPS. So isn’t the the gift of trees too expensive

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Probably not because the precision is good at far and the gift of the trees is good with dealing with groups of close range enemies, as well of just outputting lots of arrows at once, it has pretty good damage and range.

the precision rifle is probably tied for best ranger primary, because both the precision rifle and gift of the trees have advantages and disadvantages. in second place, I would say is the rapidfire rifle. good damage, high firerate and good dps.

Ooh, I don’t know. Scattershot isn’t really an ability, it’s almost like another type of attack. I don’t even know why the Gift of the Trees has a normal attack considering you can scattershot() all the time.
If you worked out the DPS of scattershot it would definitely be higher than the precision rifle, and it can take out multiple enemies.
However the precision rifle is very good because of its range and cost.

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I never use the precision rifle. I think the gift of the trees is waaay better. You can even use scattershot as backstab weak enemies like witch.

True @Code_Master but it has is weak dealing with swarms of strong ogres like in a repayable brawls

I disagree with your opinion. We all know that weapons that attack faster and deal around the same DPS are better right? SInce because of that, I think the gift of the trees is better.