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[Pretty much Solved] Not seeing my bio for my profile


It’s the description in enderlord’s card which doesn’t show up when you click on it.

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I think I know what’s going on.

When you click on someone’s name in a thread, you get a mini-pop-up about them.

Click their name on that window, and you get the full profile.

Does that clear this up?

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Ender’s issue with this is that the mini-pop-up isn’t showing the description text like the full profile. It seems to show the text in other people’s mini-pop-up.

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@Archion - try removing your clan link from your profile.

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But the clan link is in the website section and it still comes up :thinking:, I just tried adding an emoji to mine and then I couldn’t see my card bio, but when I got rid of it my bio came back again, I would definitely try getting rid of the emoji.


Thanks @Deadpool198 Right after i deleted my emoji it came back!

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On my profile i FORGT to add that i :heart: Star wars #Very forgetful

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This is a great example of troubleshooting an issue. Well done, Mr. Pool.


Thanks! :grin: Chaboi wants to block me but I don’t want him to and I don’t see why he would :sob: can you tell him not to block me? Because then I couldn’t be helpful but I want to be.

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I can’t, but I would ask to block if you like me over 100 times a day continuing that for a series of a week. But you’ve been chill for now, so I wouldn’t ask to block you, but enderlord might get asked because he likes posts like crazy. BTW, there is a difference in block, and ban. I had to ask one mod to ban someone, not telling full story, but no block, because I never had to deal with anything related to temporary block, which still allows you to read posts but not reply. Which makes people be chill. Even though, they can make a new discourse account and continue posting, I’ll say that idea might lead to a… ban. But don’t ask me why I gave bryukh 300 likes, because his posts are just too good

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k. (20 chartingles ( how was that not 20 characters!!!(have you seen that ksi video when deji replies to his really long text with k(it’s funny)))

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