Why can't I see peoples profiles

Like I can’t see peoples like @HAWK they existed but when I click on them nothing pops up. It is not a public profile hidden thing.

Maybe because their account got deleted, same when if you try and go up to an original post from a quote and that got deleted, it will also not work

no the same things with a mod (I think Edit:Deleted mod. Sorry if not.)

Some of them are regulars and leaders not mods. @HAWK existed since his topics are still here.

No there IS a mod that it happens to, but like I said I don’t remember.

@codinghorror (Jeff Atwood) was(or is) a user because I can @ him. His profile wont come up and it seems like he never existed. He did. I think people just want to be anonymous.

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No, when people want to be anonymous they hide their profiles like @xython.

I coulnt see it too, but after reloading it i could

I know that. There is evidence that these people did not do the public profile hide thing.

@Chaboi_3000 can you clarify things? Thanks

But don’t think it explains anything. Idk what’s going on.

Hawk is a Discourse team member. (She is a support member from Discourse, which hosts this site).

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So what does that mean? How does that have to do with this? Does it mean that they are secret

They are special users that aren’t really meant to be part of the discussion here. Since those users are support from our forum host, so they’re really only here to fix issues, etc.

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Jeff Atwood is the Co-Founder of the software of this forum(Discourse). He’s also here to help us out if there are any issues.


so is this solved???

So you are not supposed to see them. For a moment Bryukh was one of those people

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