Problem installation

Hi all,
i’ve just installed the developpement environment but when i start SOCODE.bat

I noticed while the installation that sass didn’t take long to install (less than 1 second)

Tanks you ! :slight_smile:

Hi @adrien93460! Sorry to hear that you face this bug. The installer is still brand new, and this is the last known bug we have. I’ve had the bug myself quite a few times. What you should do is let the other 2 windows finnish their jobs (brunch and MongoDB). Once they are both OK, just close all windows, and restart SOCODE again. This time it should normally run OK. And If i’m not wrong, it shouldn’t happen anymore once you manage to get it one time working.

Let me know if this does the trick, thank you!

I have also added this hotfix to the Windows Installer Guide @ GitHub. To prevent to much suffering for future users!