PSAT and SAT practice and tips

PSAT and SAT coming up, just wanted to study and review with people.

By the way I AM the old quandale DINGLE Jacob Thomas, my school blocked it so I had to make a new account using a different email.

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Isn’t the PSAT and SAT super easy though

I’m sorry what :skull:

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have you done them yet?

No but I know they’re hard

Not sure how different the new digital SAT is from the paper one I’ve taken, but my suggestion is to repeat a ton of practice tests. The most difficult part is keeping pace with the timer, and especially in the reading section it’s easy to dwell too much on a single passage.


Timers suck soooo much
Why can’t I just take a whole week

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ive heard the digital sat math portion is really bad but it’ll probably die down in difficulty within the next 2 years

I did a practice psat at school and got 1270/1440. Is that good or bad?

Srry i have PSATPHobia…cant take…it…

that’s pretty good for a practice test but i thought practice tests are out of 1540 for the psat

Depends on the area I believe? It might also be the program/ website the test was taken off as there are multiple forms of PSAT

Crappppp I got SATs this week

What grade are you in?

Freshman but I take all advanced classes

Could you help me with my Ap exams lol

No thanks, I’m swimming in over 100 hw assignments for 3 days plus PSATs


fine :<