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What is the best Code language for Beginners?


I’m new and i chose Python as my language is that the best language for me or is there a better one to learn also what is the most used code language? I think ambassador was the correct category?

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Really, it all depends on personal preference. If you prefer not having to retain control over various blocks and/or loops, Python is a good choice. If, however, you like to keep control of everything, JavaScript is a good option.


Python is probably the best for beginners


Yeah, for beginners, It is easier to understand, but that`s my view on it

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Would it be hard to switch from python to javascript?


Well, I don’t think it is a good idea to switch languages once you get to the forest world or past. There’s simply too many concepts you didn’t learn.


I think once you know one you can learn any one. JS is just a language that’s a little bit, well, dirtier? I dunno, but a little more complicated. Same concepts though.


JavaScript is the simplest and easiest in my opinion.

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If I switched from Python to JavaScript, would I have to do the levels again? Or would it just be difficult?


It’s quite possible that you would have to do the levels again. JavaScript is enough different than Python that you would have to relearn at least some material, e.g for-loops, variable assignment, equality comparison, function creating, etc.


Ok thanks. Also what`s Clojure?:confused: :neutral_face:


Clojure is a program that is basically a modern Lisp. It’s rather confusing for me, to tell the truth. For more information, look it up.


Ok thanks.
So lets say:

enemy = findNearestEnemy()
if enemy:

What would that turn into in Clojure?