C++ Version Worth the Subscription?


I just discovered this today and have been enjoying it on JavaScript at the moment. I really wanna learn C++ but i noticed you have to be a subscriber and that C++ says “Experimental”. For anyone who has done C++, would this be worth investing in and is it fully fleshed out? I have been using SoloLearn at the moment, but having something intractable makes it easier to not lose focus.


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  1. Oh I did not know CoCo started teaching C++
  2. C++ is very good for game devs and stuff, so if you want to dig deep into the realms of game development, you should try if you want.
  3. Also, a note about the other languages. Python is like general-purpose flour: it does a lot of stuff. Javascript is good (and only (I think)) for web page writing, and CoffeeScript is just fancy Javascript.
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C++ is definitely game-development based. Some of the major platforms like Unreal Engine use c++.


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I appreciate the responses but I’m not sure they answer my question. I know c++ is good for game development but I was asking if anyone has gone through codecombat with c++, it says experimental and im not sure if it is fleshed out enough to pay 10$ for. I didnt wanna pay that money if c++ wasnt ready to learn from.

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I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to complete after a week of its release. But I learned C++ a while ago. In my opinion C++ is the most difficult language to learn, if you master then you should have no challenges writing other codes.

Hope it Helps :smiley:

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Hmm I should defo try it doe

Ok, so I have reset my progress, and I’m starting to use C++.
If you need info about it, just ask me.
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Yes please! Let me know if it’s worth buying, if so I’d love to buy the monthly. I just wanna make sure it’s worth the money to get it


Okie I will
Also C++ is a bit difficult
And I’ve only met 2 bugs in the whole of kithgard dungeon
And also if you buy yearly, it’s like a buy 10 get 2 month free
What am I saying lmao
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I think you should wait a while before you get C++ it starts to get real buggy in Sarven desert
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Yearly subscription is replaced by the unlimited duration $99 one.

@TheOrbitals following up!

it looks like they fleshed it out, and i decided to go to school for game design with coding as my secondary since my post, wanted to thank you for helping me out! i am buying a sub today, there seems to be much more to do since the last time i was here!

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I agree, I’ve been off for around 1.5 years and there are so many more languages to try out!