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Question about Boss Star II


Got the Boss Star II. It states that you can command a minion to “buildXY”. Like all of the minion commands there is no documentation on what is required. "buildXY" probably requires a bit more documentation because we need to know:

  • What can they build?
  • Do we have to have the hammer equipped?
  • The normal buildXY requires an X and a Y. Is this the same with the minion command?
  • What is the syntax?


They can build "fire-trap" (0 gold), "decoy" (25 gold), and "palisade" (10 gold). Probably later they will be able to build other things. You don’t have to have a hammer equipped. I haven’t tested it, so it’s probably buggy; let me know how it goes.

Not sure where to put the docs for what the peasant can build; hmm. Ideas? I mean, eventually you can get the full API of any unit by selecting it, but I don’t have that yet.


is this the fence?

(twenty chars)


Palisade (attackable): Fence(not attackable):


So the palisade can be destroyed?


Yes. that is correct


I would like to ask more questions about Boss Stars.

I can’t find a reliable way to catch a unit as it is summoned.

I think there is somewhat of a crossover between the method and the this.summon, because they seems to be described as method generating thangs. However I think the method is outdated and no longer in use, but still has a description. For example, the following picture shows a sample code provided in ZeroSums but doesn’t work. ( isn’t accessible, and this.built is always empty)

That’s too bad, because with the this.built array, I could have gotten away with referencing my newly created unit :

this.summon(unitType) ;
totalBuilt += 1 ;
newUnit = this.built[ totalBuilt -1] ;

I thought the summon(“unit”) method would have returned the new unit, but it doesn’t (it seems to only return a (string?) named build). Maybe the newly created unit would be the most natural thing to return from this.summon( ) method ?

Is there something I misunderstood in the spawning methods provided by BossStars that would help me catch a new unit as it is created ?


this.built wasn’t working in JavaScript yesterday morning, but I thought I fixed it. Are you still seeing it be empty?


Works now. I tested for BossStar 2 and 5 (1 doesn’t have it I believe). I do think it’s not the first time it didn’t work. Maybe I’ve been very unlucky or maybe I dreamed it. Thanks for fixing it.

I think the example should be changed, as I think the method has no use anymore in the campain ?


In the level Protect & Serve (see screenshot below), one peasant is looting coins on the bottom left hand side of the screen. The first time I did this level, I thought it was neat. And when I’ve found out BossStar 3 can summon peasant, I was pumped up :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this behaviour with a summoned peasant. The looting coin thing was only there for this specific level ? I’m totally ok with that, I post here to check if this is intended, or if this is bugged feature.


Well, I’ve been working around with Goldstorms, and the most dangerous thing to do with it (for example in repeatable brawls where at least an enemy spawns every second) is runnning away from a safe position (death ball of soldiers / archer) to loot coins.

I’ve tested : Goldstorm DO bounce off palissade in the campain. I think there are some very powerful tricks to do with palisades, in order to trap a goldstorm cloud in a limited space (Sacred Statue comes to mind). I tried to build some with my peasant, but didn’t work. Any of the buildXY commands to my peasant didn’t work (decoy, fire-trap or palisade). The peasant moves correctly into position, but doesn’t build anything. The syntax I used (doesn’t prompt any error):

this.command( peasant , "buildXY", "palisade", x , y ) ;


Peasants should now work to collect coins and buildXY other things (if you can afford; palisades cost 15). I updated the built docs to be more helpful now. Last thing I know is that isn’t working yet, but I’ll get it soon; you can compare and peasant.costOf for now.


Loving the new Peasant so far. Thanks for that implementation in the game. Peasants are farming, archers are fighting. My hero is relaxing doing nothing, still an easy win :smile:

Edit : cleaner success screenshot

With an final army of 2 peasants, 5 soldiers and 30 archers (2x15). Pender, Book of life 2 and GoldenWand.


How did you manage to do that? I tried, but my program gave me an infinite loop.
EDIT: Played around with my code a little, and now my hero just walks into the wall. Here’s my code:

def summonTwoPeasants():
    peasants = self.findByType("peasant")
    while len(peasants) < 2:
        if >= 50:


I have two loops. One is used to loot coins with my hero until I have 100 gold, at which point I break out of the first loop. Then I summon two peasants, and only then my main loop starts, in which I have a looting function for my peasant, and some positions to defend with my archers and soldiers (see 2nd screenshot). I summon units anytime I have the gold to do so.

For the infinite loop though… It could be so many things (and I’m not a pro at debugging code that isn’t mine !). Hard to tell with just the infos you gave.


Of course, you have GoldStorm, so you take less time then normal to get 100 gold.
EDIT: I have a working function now. Thanks! Only problem is, peasants don’t have a findNearestItem function…


Go check out the MadMaxer gets greedy level (subscriber only), in which you’ll make your own code to find the best coin. All you need is the .distanceTo() method, which work on any unit, including peasants.

answer to your following post : We’re getting off topic from “Question about Boss Star”. It’s very much like the MadMaxer level (free level), but you have to change “farthest” by “closest”, and use coins instead of enemies. If you have more specific question about algorithm, please make a new topic, in which I’ll try to help. I don’t want to multiply posts in a topic that we’re getting away from.


Don’t we already do that with Shine Getter?


Very well. In order to get back on topic:

In the commandableMethods section of the Boss Star III, there are commands such as "cast" and "shield". What do these commands apply to?


I’m fairly sure this is for BossStars at later stages (4 & 5). There are new enemies in the latest levels of the mountains, as the Witch or the Shaman. I’m confident we’ll be able to command some casters too. And the Shield, it should be for the Paladin (commandable, but not summonable yet). I’ve checked, Soldiers can’t Shield.