Level: Breakout

This one doesn’t have a requirement for simple boots. It took off the boots I was wearing and I was into the level before I realized I couldn’t move. :smiley:

Only the leather & softened leather boots are restricted, so jump/leap-ing, compound, defensive, and {future} boots are good to go… :frowning:

(If only there was an easy way to have all boots be moveDirection when on moveDirection levels (key word being “easy”, which it prolly isn’t))

I added a requirement for Simple Boots, so it shouldn’t let you go in barefoot now. :smile:

Allowing the more advanced boots is intentional. We restrict the next few boots so that new players won’t try them before they’re ready and get confused, but if experienced players want to come back later with advanced gear to get revenge on ogres they had to run away from the first time around, that’s ok ;).

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